Three Reasons To Purchase OEM Car Parts Rather Than Aftermarket Parts

Parts Rather Than Aftermarket Parts

link serif;”>no rx serif;”>Buying spares for cars is one of the biggest challenges facing most people. Mainly, ampoule the dilemma is choosing between OEM and aftermarket spare parts. In this article, we are going to give you three reasons why you should always choose the moderately costly OEM parts rather than cheaper aftermarket spare parts, having teamed up with Honda car parts retailers, Cox Motor Parts to find out more information.

Quality Assurance Is Guaranteed With OEM Car Parts

Your car works because the manufacturer has guaranteed you about function. If the car has a functional or technical problem, the most effective way to solve it is to find the right spare to solve the problem.

Although you can find any clutch on the market for example, only the specialised, manufacturer recommended parts should be used. This is because when a manufacturer recommends a part, they have experts test and assure you of quality. They probably tested that part on your car model before recommending it as a spare part replacement.

When compared to aftermarket parts (not genuine manufacturer recommended parts), quality is guaranteed in OEM hence the reason why you should use them.

Cheaper In The Long Run

The risk of buying a low quality spare part that hasnt been recommended by the manufacturer is the risk of even bigger breakages in your car. For example, we all know how sensitive gauges are in a car engine. Using a spare part that has not been recommended by the manufacturer will for instance, increase the chances of your engine developing even bigger problems. Obviously, this comes with bigger damages to your engine, which will consequently, require more money for repairs- more than what you saved buying an aftermarket part.

The solution to save money on repairs in the long run is to always ensure that you replace destroyed car parts with spares that have been recommended by the manufacturers. This is not only logical (replacing like with like) but cheaper too.

Long Lasting And Better Resale Value

What is the average life cycle of the average aftermarket spare part? Research has shown that because the manufacturers do not recommend these parts, they probably last a very short time.

Think about it; if you have purchased a plastic spare part to replace a manufactured, well-heated metal part, how long will you keep the spare part in normal use? Probably not long enough. The opposite is true if you are using manufacturer recommended, tested and evaluated OEM spare parts. The later last longer because they fit in naturally with the vehicle environment in question.

By lasting long, the OEM spare part not only saves your time spend going to the garage, but also saves your time and money long term. Besides, by replacing a broken part with an OEM spare part, you might never notice a difference in your car; neither will prospective buyers.

Overall, if I were given a choice to make between buying an OEM spare part compared to an aftermarket spare part, my choice would be so obvious. Buying an OEM spare part has far more benefits compared to buying aftermarket spares.