Victory Motorcycles Are Taking On Harley – And Winning

Victory Motorcycles Are Taking On HarleyWhen Victory Motorcycles were launched in Iowa in 1998, case they began with an old-school vibe in mind. The founders wanted to produce a motorcycle that would compete with Harley-Davidson in the large bike market. Of course Harley-Davidson has been making motorcycles since they were invented, sale so their particular style was the result of decades of traditions. Victory tried to compress the history of the American motorcycle into the very first bike they made.

Victory Motorcycles Deliver Instant Tradition

For the most part, seek Victory Motorcycles has achieved this vision of instant tradition. Their designs look like a throwback and a brand new design at the same time. Their very first model, the V92C, had a 92 cubic inch engine that wouldn’t have been out of place in a small sedan. The V-twin design of the bike is probably the most distinctive thing about Victory Motorcycles. They feature chromed fins over a matte black block that would look striking on any bike, but look especially remarkable on such a big block. The power and weight of every model of the Victory Motorcycles V92 series made them ideal highway cruisers. Read more on this website.

Every Bike a Show Bike

Some Harley-Davidson bikes look more utilitarian than others, but every Victory Motorcycles model looks like a show bike. Models like the Hammer and the Hammer 8-Ball, which are supposed to look like plain-Jane flat black cruisers, somehow look flashy even though there’s no chrome on them. To a generation of television viewers that have grown up watching cable TV shows about wild custom choppers being built, they can look a little sedate. To a typical Harley rider, they appear very polished.

Possibly in response to the interest in custom cycles in the last decade, Victory Motorcycles introduced its Vegas Jackpot series. Never to be outdone with sheer size, the Vegas model is equipped with a 1,600 cc V-twin engine and a massive rear tire that looks like it belongs on a racecar. It’s loaded with chrome, and has a series of bold paint schemes available.

Victory Models for Touring

For regular touring, Victory Motorcycles offers cruisers like the Cross Country and the Cross Roads, plus a Vision series that includes Street and Tour Models. The Vision Tour is almost unrecognizable as a Victory under its billowing fairings and hard bags, and it rides more like an open touring car than a typical highway bike.

The typical Victory Motorcycles cruising bike has a big rear tire matched with a much thinner rubber up front. Along with the big engine and the heavy weight of the bikes, that makes it a bear to steer around crowded city streets. For such big engines, they’re really quite slow in acceleration, although they’ll never run out of headroom with over 1,000 cc engines on many models. If you want something impressive to take from roadhouse to roadhouse, almost any of the Victory cruisers will turn heads all along your route. If touring is your thing, their hard-bagged models will ride as smoothly as any bike on the road, and will never leave you wanting more power when you head to the left lane.

Victory Motorcycles took on a big fight when it went into business to challenge Harley-Davidson, but it looks more and more like it’s a fight it’s going to win.