5 Presales Questions Before Buying Fuel Cards

5 Presales Questions Before Buying Fuel CardsAs more and more companies are embracing fuel cards for commercial fleet operations, treat it remains to be seen if these companies have graduated to getting the best presale offers on a new fuel card. You will notice herein that we have tried to lay out simple steps or questions that would help you get more out of your fuel card purchases.

1. Is my card based on pump price pricing? – Pump priced fuel cards are simple in application because you draw fuel and pay on the pump rate. There is absolutely simplicity and no complex price fixation takes place. If you feel that your drawings will be under 300 litres a month, cialis then pump priced fuel cards are a better bet.

2. Will my business pay on fixed priced method? – Fixed pricing is applicable for businesses with sound credentials and good credit rating. The price for weekly fuel drawings is fixed in advance and intimated to the business owner. All fuel drawings through the week are charged at the single price. This is especially useful for bigger fleet and business operations.

3. What is the card charge for first year?Most fuel card resellers and suppliers offer you low entry points into acquiring a new fuel card; some of the bigger fuel card companies also offer free fuel cards for the first year. As a business looking to get a new fuel card, you must try to strike a bargain for the fuel card prices for the first year.

4. Fuel card pricing for subsequent years – While most businesses are happy striking a deal during the first year of fuel card usage, I will suggest going a step further and trying to get a committment on fuel card prices for the subsequent years. It may not make much sense to get a card for free during the first year and pay £40 for the subsequent years.

5. Fraud Protection – It is absolutely important to understand the fraud protection methods or safeguard that are available on your fuel cards. For example, some companies offer PIN protection to prevent anybody from drawing fuel fraudulently. Others make use of one time passwords to prevent fraudulent drawings. Still others try to limit your liability in the event of fraudulent drawings that may happen off a stolen fuel card.

Being naive at the time of presales stage of fuel card acquisition process will hurt your business and fleet operations very badly. Make the most of your fuel card by using a clear cut path towards driving a hard bargain.