Alloys vs. Steel Wheels

AV12_PINKAlloy rims or steel wheels: which are the best choice? Both wheel types have pros and cons in different driving situations, but generally drivers choose alloys for performance and beauty, while they choose steel wheels for their durability and price. Below, we’ll compare alloys and steel Ford Ranger wheels.mitsubishi_mirage_avid_av12_soft_pink_face_machined_lip

Alloy Wheels

Many new cars come with alloy wheels as standard equipment. Alloys offer performance and aesthetic advantages, and unlike steel, alloys can be worked in a variety of designs. Alloy wheels can give a car a unique look, and they provide almost endless customization options. Aluminium/nickel alloys are lighter than steel, and offer quicker acceleration with better performance. However, alloys tend to bend under impact, and the construction method used will have an effect on the strength of the alloy. Alloy wheels can be machined, chromed, painted or polished, and each finish has different care requirements.

Steel Wheels

The weight of brakes, rotors, tyres and wheels is referred to as “unsprung weight” because it is not supported by the vehicle’s suspension. Unsprung weight has a substantial effect on handling; much more so than an equivalent weight above the suspension. Steel wheels are much heavier than alloys, and when you install steelies on a car that previously had alloy wheels, you’ll notice a decrease in agility and acceleration.

Steelies are much stronger than alloys, and cosmetic damage isn’t usually an issue. These wheels are typically offered in sizes 16″ and under; there are a few 17″ models available, but installation of steel wheels often involves downsizing. Some sports cars cannot accept smaller wheels because of suspension and brake issues.

Some steel wheels come with covers that give the look of alloys; these hubcaps often come on OEM steel wheels, and they can be bought online as well. The covers are often fragile, and can look cheap if viewed close up. Hubcaps are often held on by a friction grip that can release at an inopportune moment, causing the loss of the entire cover. However, steel wheels are an economical choice. They are usually up to 80% less expensive than a comparable set of Toyota Hilux rims, making them a great spare set or an inexpensive replacement.

There are many reasons why alloys are the best choice. When a driver wants style and high performance, alloys are the perfect option. Steel wheels are ideally suited to everyday driving over rough terrain, and for work vehicles. Whether you need a sturdy set of steel wheels or a stylish set of alloys, Ozzy Tyres can get you the rims you need.