Guide for Car Imports from the United Kingdom to Australia

There are many steps involved in importing a car from the United Kingdom to Australia. With the right information and an expert import team, viagra sale you can make the process less complicated.Car Imports

Things to Know Beforehand

The Australian government places stringent restrictions on the vehicles they allow on their public roads. These restrictions vary based on the car type. You can visit the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website to find out precisely what they require from you.

Applying for Import Approval

Before you begin the import process, pill apply for a vehicle import approval (VIA). When 
importing cars from UK to Australia, if your car arrives before you possess an approved permit, Australian customs will charge exorbitant storage fees.

The Approval Application

You can apply for a VIA online at the 
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website. Before you apply, understand that traditional financiers are hesitant to provide import loans. Specialty import financiers can provide private car finance for import vehicles.

Short-term Imports

A VIA is not required for short-term imports; however you are not allowed to sell the vehicle when importing under these terms. A round-trip import is especially complex. For this kind of import, make sure you hire an experienced importer to ensure the best possible outcome.

Quarantine Inspection

Before your vehicle leaves the United Kingdom, make sure to have it thoroughly cleaned. The Australian Department for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) will inspect the car and charge extensive cleaning fees if your vehicle carries foreign debris.

Required Documentation

There are three important items you must provide for your freight forwarder. They are a copy of:

• your V5 license from the United Kingdom.
• your passport photo page.
• an unexpired United Kingdom Motor Ordinance Test (MOT) certificate.

When Your Car Arrives

Once your vehicle arrives from the United Kingdom, the freight forwarders will present the documentation you provided and the shipping paperwork to customs. At this time, the freight forwarder will contact you so you can claim your vehicle.

Import Fees

On arrival, there are additional charges to cover the expense of the Australian receiving agents who handle your vehicle in addition to fees incurred from customs and quarantine inspection.

Import Car Value

Australian customs will use one of two methods to determine your vehicle’s value. Based on this value, they will determine how much duty tax to charge you. The fees may range from $25 up to $300.

Duties and Taxes

Australian customs will determine your duty and tax fees based on their appraisal. There are varying guidelines for these fees based on whether your car is over 30 years old; under 30 years old; or is an off-road vehicle.

Vehicle Registration

Once your car has cleared customs, you must register it with the State Department of Motor Vehicle Registration as soon as possible. When registering, you must present your MOT and pay any applicable fees.

Stamp Duty Fees

When you register your vehicle, you will also have to pay a stamp duty fee. The fee varies by municipality but can range from three to six and a half percent of the vehicle’s value.

Import Car Plates

After completing the registration process, you must send part three of the Personal Import Approval to the company that will fabricate your vehicle plates. Once you mount the plates on your car, you have completed the import process.