New 2016 Ford Focus RS

New for 2016 Ford Focus RS pic
The new Ford Focus RS 2016 is a car that promises to unleash remarkable design alterations that will consist some of the best technological and advanced features necessary to wade through the competitive terrain. Simply put, story it will come with a new luxurious and cozy design. There are expectations and presumptions of an updated technology that is set to boost the overall performance of the vehicle. The most noticeable and most talked about performance spec is the all-wheel drive system, health and will be German produced just as its predecessors. Additionally, this will be the first model that is set to be sold around the world, which includes the United States. With an engine displacement of around 2.3L, the EcoBoost engine has been engineered to offer an output of around 300 hp.

New for 2016 Ford Focus RS
What’s New for 2016 Ford Focus RS?
When we come to the exterior, the most conspicuous aspect of the new 2016 Ford Focus RS car will be the four door vehicle configuration – which is however not a new feature. The RS will come with a sporty body kit that will be synonymous with the RS badge. Up front, the fascia has already been taken over by a large trapezoidal grille that comes with a splitter extending further below it and offers a cool view of the intercooler. The side profile is essentially RS style, and each wheel arch has been widened in order to give extra room for a choice of 19” alloy-wheels that come exclusive for the model. Around back, it is apparently dominated by a massive aerodynamic diffuser meant to give the vehicle an extra downforce while at the same time reducing the effects of drag. In comparison to the current Ford line up, the new vehicle will feature more and more air inlets which in turn will lead to better power output. The new 2016 Ford Focus RS will be supported by larger wheels and wider tires. Interior wise, there will be a design replete with race-like features which include the standard Recaro sports seats, a multitude of RS badges and a flat bottomed steering wheel. Other cool features that you should expect include SYNC with MyFord touch, Sony sound system, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, etc. The new 2016 Ford Focus RS is also speculated to end up with all the features that are currently in the ST model. You can check out some beautiful photos of the car on

Can We Expect Better Performance Specs For The New Ford Focus RS 2016?
It is still difficult at this point in time to pinpoint the exact engine that the new Ford Focus RS 2016 will make use of, but according to very reliable sources that are privy to the automaker, it is alleged that the new vehicle will come with a 2.3L EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine currently in the 2015 Mustang. With the said engine, buyers should expect the output to be a cool 345 hp and 324 pounds of torque @ 347-4500 rpm. The new output figures will be more than what its competitors are able to provide, including the new Volkswagen Golf R, Civic Type-R, and Subaru WRX STI.

When Should You Expect the New Ford Focus RS to Hit Dealership Stores?
The high-performance updates and engine specs that are speculated to accompany this meticulously created hatchback will nevertheless be pegged on a fair MSRP tag estimated to be around $30,000. There has been quite a lot of chattering that alleges that the new 2016 Ford Focus RS might be discontinued even before making its debut, however, those remain to be mere rumors that have no basis or corroboration whatsoever.