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Best family 7 seater

Just because you have a large family, you don’t have to drive a minibus. Modern MPVs both look and drive better than ever, so take a look at the best new 7 seater cars.

Ford S-Max

Widely considered the best handling seven-seater MPV on the market, the S-Max feels more like a hatchback on the road. The cabin is well designed and well equipped, but the rear two seats are only really comfortable for adults on short journeys – kids should be fine, however.

Ford Galaxy

The Galaxy is the larger choice from Ford, costing a bit more than the S-Max. It’s more conservative both to look at and to drive than the smaller MPV but is very comfortable and practical if size is your priority.

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

The Grand C4 Picasso’s spacious and comfortable cabin is its strong point, rather than the unsophisticated driving dynamics. However it is a good-looking vehicle with plenty of essential kit and is economical to run – just don’t expect a thrilling drive.

Seat Alhambra

The Alhambra is an excellent all-rounder, with a practical and spacious cabin, a refined ride and low running costs. It’s also great value for money, making it a more sensible buy than its badge-engineered sibling, the Volkswagen Sharan.

Volkswagen Touran

This is a solid, premium-feeling MPV with a strong engine range, although it’s slightly lacking in design flair. The VW badge promises excellent build quality and generous equipment levels, but there are more exciting new vw deals out there.

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

The Zafira Tourer offers slightly more style than substance, with a smart cabin, a decent amount of standard kit and an economical diesel engine range, but it’s less practical and doesn’t handle as well as some of the other choices on the market.

Kia Carens

The Carens may be the budget choice but is very competitive with the others on this list in terms of quality and performance. It’s a smart-looking and practical MPV which makes a great choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Toyota Verso

The Verso represents the more compact end of the market, so it’s a little cramped in the rear seats and less flexible than others, but it is easier to park and to use on an everyday basis if you only need the full seven seats occasionally.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Classed as an SUV rather than an MPV, the Outlander nonetheless has seven seats and a comfortable spacious cabin. It’s not the most refined ride but comes as a very economical petrol-electric hybrid and of course has the ability to challenge tougher terrain than your average MPV.

Land Rover Discovery

Another seven-seater entry from the 4×4 sector, the Discovery combines badge prestige with goat-like agility and a classy and comfortable cabin.

Second hand car market options

Second hand car market options

Selling your car can be really overwhelming and stressful sometimes. It is not that easy to orientate on the second hand car market at first and the whole thing may stress you to the point you are ready to make too much compromises. So, ampoule here is where we really can help you with advice and more. Of course, every car deal is individual and pretty much depends on your personal preferences, plans and goals, however there are some certain advices and recommendations coming from experienced people that may really help you understand the market.

When planning to sell your car, before considering and start wondering where to list it and what target audience to look for, you have to already know for yourself what is more important for you during the whole process and as a final result – do you want to get a better price for your car, or do you want to save yourself some time and nerves. Well, we would be glad to tell you that sometimes the magic happens and some people manage to sell their vehicle on the second hand car market in a flash, for a good amount of money and they find the perfect buyer very fast (or the perfect buyer finds them first), however this is not the scenario in most of the time. Here are the trading options you have and the pros and cons of each and every out of them.

Selling privately
Well, selling privately may sound overwhelming and it really tends to be that way. Be prepared for negotiations and also for clients with different goals, manners and questions. Be prepared and have patience and tolerance. In fact, you are most probably compromise on many things such as test drive requirements, an awful amount of questions, being there every time someone would like to come and visit, keep the car in good condition and look after its presentable look.

However, besides the energy and time you are going to need, selling used cars privately is the best option to take a good amount of money, it all depends on the way you are going to negotiate and so. In addition, there are some great websites such as, working as a reliable and trusted platform for online selling and this would to the trick for finding the targeted audience quick and easy.

Selling to a car dealer
This may sound like a good option to you, in case you are ok with compromising with the price in order to sell your vehicle quicker and easier. Car dealers know their job and for sure they will try to beaten down and reduce the price. Be sure to check out a few offers and settle on the best one.

Car-buying websites
Well, behind the great promises and all the eye-catching marketing tricks, car-buying websites are nothing more than the good old car dealer practices. Stay away from business that only try and make money from your car and buy it for significantly lower the market price. On other hand, if you just try to get rid of your car and don’t experience all the hassle and fuss, this may be the perfect option for you.

Well, auctions are another Universe to deal with and you rarely see many private sellers there. Brace yourself and be prepared for many bargain hunters and dealers trying to reduce your price to the absolute minimum. Well, in fact auctions are nothing that scary, however there is a big chance for you leaving with the car still unsold. If you manage to sell the car, however, you can expect the auction house charging you with commission. The biggest benefit of trying the auction option is that you have the chance to research and see the interest from potential buyers.

Car’s Security — Accident Merit, Chair Belts, Secure Wheels

Car's Security -- Accident Merit, Chair Belts, Secure WheelsThe car’s security is actually evaluated in line with the degree of security with regard to grown ups as well as kids within the vehicle, pedestrian as well as safety-enhancing techniques. The entire score for any car’s security is actually evaluated upon each one of these elements, as the vehicle isn’t below carry out within these places. The actual evaluation offered generally having a particular quantity of superstars, along with 5 becoming the greatest.

A few check exhibits the actual aggregated outcomes through frontal accident assessments, assessments with regard to aspect effect safety, pedestrian safety as well as kid security. Additionally, assessment associated with vehicle safety-systems, ESC techniques (electronic balance control), the actual SBR program (seat belt reminder), whiplash safety, as well as pace manage program.

Evaluations in between vehicles can be carried out just inside the exact same pounds course since the crash end result can also be suffering from pounds.

Chair belts, mind vices as well as airbags

The actual chair belt could be a easy existence. Mind vices as well as atmosphere totes additionally safeguards a person inside a accident.

Seatbelt For several years what the law states state which everybody must have upon chair belts within the vehicle. Based on the Transportation Expert offers forty % associated with those people who are wiped out every year within visitors didn’t make use of a belt. The actual amounts of single-vehicle mishaps is actually actually greater: 2 from 3 drivers that passed away such mishaps hadn’t utilized the actual chair belt.

Nearly all the current vehicles include techniques which instantly tighten up the actual belt throughout a crash to lessen your body’s motion. They don’t allow it to be tougher in order to open up the actual buckle following the accident.

Mind vices as well as airbags Firmer chairs as well as buildings possess created brand new vehicles less dangerous, but additionally boosts the danger associated with so-called whiplash or even whiplash accidental injuries within back effects. A lot more than 3500 hurt individuals along with impairment associated with 10 % triggered within vehicle failures documented every year. Over fifty percent includes whiplash accidental injuries. The majority of is going to be good inside a 7 days, whilst in between 5 as well as 10 % convey more extented signs and symptoms.

Unique headrests (whiplash protection) may slow up the danger associated with damage through forty %. Mistake all of them along with conventional headrest which has just minor impact on whiplash mishaps.

Whilst atmosphere totes may slow up the danger associated with whiplash accidental injuries.

Kids within vehicle Each year kids tend to be wiped out as well as hurt simply because they don’t sit down correctly controlled within the vehicle. To ensure that kids in order to sit down properly inside your vehicle you need to choose the best child car seat. The actual seat should also end up being set up as well as utilized properly.

Underneath the plan started within 1 The month of january 2007, just about all kids who’re smaller compared to 135 centimeters utilizing unique security gear within the vehicle — infant child car seat, child car seat, enhancer chair or even enhancer chair. To enhance security usually suggested how the safety or kid chair is actually back dealing with before kid is actually four years of age. It’s also essential how the enhancer chair or even enhancer chair make use of till 10-12 years old.

Secure wheels Usually choose the fatigue because required as well as through kind of generating. This really is especially accurate throughout the winter season.

Contaminants which are launched whenever wheels stroke from the street area is among the the majority of severe environment difficulties within the Swedish cities. The actual contaminants all of us inhale may take a number of heavy inside the lung area depends upon how large they’re. The actual fastest method to decrease the quantity of contaminants within city atmosphere would be to decrease using studded wheels. Have you got the chance — select studded wheels!

Whenever purchasing brand new wheels, ensure that they’re authorized: E-or e-marked. Wheels ought to be the exact same kind (diagonal wheels, radial wheels, summer time or even winter).

Take level upon summer time wheels should have the recurring take level associated with a minimum of 1. 6 millimeters from the fatigue primary designs. To be able to supply great rubbing whenever moist highway ought to be take level under 3 millimeters.

Take level associated with winter season street problems throughout the time period Dec 1 in order to 03 thirty-one, the actual take level associated with a minimum of 3 millimeters associated with wheels with regard to traveler vehicles, gentle vehicles as well as chartering having a major automobile pounds going above 3. 5 tonnes and also the truck towed through these types of automobiles.

Wrong atmosphere stress can impact dealing with, energy economic climate as well as fatigue existence. Examine fatigue stress often — correctly higher will save cash, decreases environment effect as well as raises fatigue existence.

Last but not least, ensure to go through this Child Car Safety Seats Resources, a wonderful guide for parents showing tips to protect kids from injuries in case there is a car accident.

H.264 1080P Full HD Car DVR Review

It is called H.264 1080P Full HD Car DVR  that is so exclusive and unique to provide your best recording result during your journey down the streets. You may question, treatment what factors that actually make the camera special. Surprisingly, patient the camera is able to record through its 170-degree wide angle lens. In addition, there the camera is designed very modernly to appear with brand-new hidden mode. Based on these two points alone, we are sure you are already interested in the product. Let’s check out more about it!

H.264 1080P Full HD Car DVR

What we are going to say to describe how we think and feel about this item is: love at the first sight. We believe that you’ll undergo such feeling, too, because the camera recorder isn’t an ordinary one like others on the markets. The shape is strangely yet beautifully produced to be that way for an aim. Not being average, the camera recorder is shaped without a mount to be adhered directly to your car windscreen. The reason behind such idea is to make you enjoy the ride with the camera recorder existing exactly like the original component of your car. Moreover, the jet black coating blends well with the interior to develop a more uncluttered look. On the other hand, the camera recorder can still be mounted higher on the windshield, but then the lens are only the visible part to be seen from outside.

Of course, the camera recorder isn’t only responsible to enhance the style of your car due to its contemporary set. The camera recorder sure has been prepared to perform the best work when it comes to recording the street lives. Equipped with APTINA AR030 CMOS sensor, the camera recorder also has the expertise in capturing moments with 170-degree wide angle view. The result is optimal as you’ll earn nothing but 1080P HD resolution of videos with sharpest details and smoothest motions. Talking about the essential stuff to accompany you driving, this one should be your choice due to its characteristics that will absolutely meet your expectation and fulfill your basic need for safe trips. Along with what mentioned above, the camera recorder has features, too, including G-shock sensor, automatic on/off mode and time/date stamp.

So, you feel it hasn’t been enough for the camera recorder to attract you? For your very good information, the camera recorder is brought to you in mesmerizing 1.5 inch screen and 300mAh built-in with car charger method to support your driving experience. With its 3.0 MP camera resolution, standard video and image outputs, and built-in clear microphone and speaker, you may not expect more because this one alone has already given all to you for only $61.30. Wow!


Why wait longer if there’s already a thing that’s high in quality but relatively low in cost? Being aware of how the streets are like may be another consideration besides the driving skill. For a reliable and cozy dash camera recorder, this object is perfect. You can preview it and wander over other collections of car-dvr on

Common Auto Repair and Maintenance Mistakes

Vehicles require regular maintenance and repairs in order to increase their life span. However, recipe maintenance schedules vary from one vehicle to another. Regular maintenance and vehicle checkups are not easy due to the cost and hectic schedule of most car owners. Here are some common mistakes that people fall prey to and how to avoid them.

Ignoring the Check Engine Light of Your Car

It can be easy to ignore the check engine light in your car, especially if it seems to be operating normally. It may be difficult to find time to visit the mechanic every time the dashboard light comes on. However, it is best to have it seen as soon as possible by a professional because the longer you wait, the higher the cost of repairs will be. If you spend a little time to have it fixed right away then you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Not Checking Your Tire Pressure Often

This is a common mistake of not checking the air pressure that is easily ignored because your tire may still appear as if it is properly inflated even if it is not. They may not blow out, but low tire pressure could actually lead to low fuel economy so costs may still be high. Running over potholes may also be a cause of having your tire lose air pressure. The weather outside also plays a huge role on the pressure of your tire, so it is advisable to check your car pressure regularly.

Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light

If your tire pressure monitoring system light activates, then it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure. Your tire pressure monitoring system light acts like a warning system that informs you when one or more of your tires have become very deflated. Pull over to your nearest gas station wherever you are whenever the tire pressure monitoring system lights up. Immediately have your car checked to know whether your car is losing pressure. If the light on the tire pressure monitoring system turns on and there is no problem with the air pressure in the tires, then consider having the entire system replaced.

Skipping Motor Oil Changes

Over the years, much has changed with motor oil and car engine technology. Nowadays, you do not need to change your oil every 3000 miles. This means less of your time and money is spent on oil changes. However, don’t think that this means you can skip all oil changes, because your car will seize up and die if you do. You need to change your oil in order to keep your engine running and operating properly. If you leave old oil in your car for too long, it begins to break down, leaving nasty deposits of sludge in your engine. This sludge damages the engine parts instead of cooling and lubricating them. Regular oil changes generally ensure an increased life span on your engine.

Neglecting Fluid Checking Of Your Car

The critical fluids in your car should be checked and changed often. Fluids such as motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid engine coolants and power steering fluids should all be checked and serviced as per recommendations by your vehicles manufacturers. This will help to keep leaks away and your vehicle operating smoothly.

Driving When the Engine is Already Overheating

Even experts have fallen prey to driving on an overheated engine. An engine can get extremely hot when it runs, so it requires a cooling system that works to stop it from overheating. If your cooling system fails, then your vehicle should be stopped immediately, turned off and towed.

Not Using Filters Correctly

Filters need to be kept as clean as possible in order to work optimally. Clean filters keep dirt particles and other contaminants from entering your air conditioning system and vehicle fuel. Poor gas mileage, engine size and worn out system components may be caused by something as simple as dirty air filters. Make sure you change your filters as the vehicle manufacturer recommends.

Neglecting to Inspect the Brakes

It is easy to ignore noises that come from worn down brakes and convince yourself that there is no time to stop check where the noise is coming from. Your car’s brakes are incredibly important and if they are worn down or not working then the vehicle is unsafe for you and the passengers in your car. If there is a grinding noise, have the brakes system evaluated immediately.

Car maintenance may take time, but make sure that your vehicle is always properly maintained. This will ensure you do not spend your precious time stuck by the road due to a car breakdown that could have been avoided.

 Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.