H.264 1080P Full HD Car DVR Review

It is called H.264 1080P Full HD Car DVR  that is so exclusive and unique to provide your best recording result during your journey down the streets. You may question, treatment what factors that actually make the camera special. Surprisingly, patient the camera is able to record through its 170-degree wide angle lens. In addition, there the camera is designed very modernly to appear with brand-new hidden mode. Based on these two points alone, we are sure you are already interested in the product. Let’s check out more about it!

H.264 1080P Full HD Car DVR

What we are going to say to describe how we think and feel about this item is: love at the first sight. We believe that you’ll undergo such feeling, too, because the camera recorder isn’t an ordinary one like others on the markets. The shape is strangely yet beautifully produced to be that way for an aim. Not being average, the camera recorder is shaped without a mount to be adhered directly to your car windscreen. The reason behind such idea is to make you enjoy the ride with the camera recorder existing exactly like the original component of your car. Moreover, the jet black coating blends well with the interior to develop a more uncluttered look. On the other hand, the camera recorder can still be mounted higher on the windshield, but then the lens are only the visible part to be seen from outside.

Of course, the camera recorder isn’t only responsible to enhance the style of your car due to its contemporary set. The camera recorder sure has been prepared to perform the best work when it comes to recording the street lives. Equipped with APTINA AR030 CMOS sensor, the camera recorder also has the expertise in capturing moments with 170-degree wide angle view. The result is optimal as you’ll earn nothing but 1080P HD resolution of videos with sharpest details and smoothest motions. Talking about the essential stuff to accompany you driving, this one should be your choice due to its characteristics that will absolutely meet your expectation and fulfill your basic need for safe trips. Along with what mentioned above, the camera recorder has features, too, including G-shock sensor, automatic on/off mode and time/date stamp.

So, you feel it hasn’t been enough for the camera recorder to attract you? For your very good information, the camera recorder is brought to you in mesmerizing 1.5 inch screen and 300mAh built-in with car charger method to support your driving experience. With its 3.0 MP camera resolution, standard video and image outputs, and built-in clear microphone and speaker, you may not expect more because this one alone has already given all to you for only $61.30. Wow!


Why wait longer if there’s already a thing that’s high in quality but relatively low in cost? Being aware of how the streets are like may be another consideration besides the driving skill. For a reliable and cozy dash camera recorder, this object is perfect. You can preview it and wander over other collections of car-dvr on http://www.gearbest.com/car-dvr-c_11249/.