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If you consider automotive world into your liking, health muscle car will be something you can’t steer away from your eyes. Its masculine look alongside with its performance, cialis you will simply fall in love with it. For generation to generation of muscle cars, health though it looks almost similar for its performance, still each of them have their very own signature which differed one and another. Updating yourself with the information related to muscle cars, relying on muscle car power magazine, you know that you will get anything that you need to know about muscle car, moreover for those who recently put interest toward this American-styled car.

So what you get? Since its very beginning of the manufacturing, there are some numbers of models for muscle cars that still become favorite from time to time which makes them as top ten muscle cars. Curious about them? For position number 10, it is Buick GSX 1970. Looking from the outside, you will get that this muscle car is splashed with either white or yellow with the addition of racing stripes for each color that you choose that becomes the characteristic of this muscle car. Part from its outer appearance, there is another thing which makes this Buick GSX 1970 special compared to another muscle car models.

For the engine that is installed under its hood, this muscle car is able to liberate about 360 horsepower. Looking through its horsepower, it seems nothing special about this one as you may find another muscle car that is able to produce more power. That said, for that amount of power, Buick GSX 1970 has capability to reach about 510 lb-ft torque, what do you think? Another muscle car which also steal your attention is Pontiac Firebird Coupe 1968. You may spot unique design when it comes to this muscle car, hence, this model is popular in its marketplace.

It has a narrowing design for its back that is rare for that time, even nowadays. Under the bonnet, the engine that is inserted into the power house is a kind of V8 400 cubic-inch that caters about 335 horsepower to the muscle car. Oh, this car takes a position number nine. The next one is Plymouth RoadRunner 1969. Beforehand, this muscle car takes number eight. Just like another muscle cars which earlier mentioned, there is the reason why this one becomes apart within this top ten categories for muscle car.

First it has fiberglass hood that somehow can be lifted anytime you need it. Another, then it must be its zero wheel covers. Another interesting apart about Plymouth RoadRunner 1969 is the engine that is inserted under the lid. It has 440 engine which produces both 490 lb-ft torque and 390 horsepower anytime it hits 3200rpm (revolutions per minute). It is said that the engine that is put under the Plymouth RoadRunner power house displays almost the same performance like Hemi ‘Cuda, although the latter  mentioned is better. Anyway the good thing about it, even though it has almost the same power, the price for Plymouth RoadRunner is less pricey.