5 Performance Parts Upgrades Volvo Owners Should Consider

When it comes to owning a reliable vehicle like a Volvo, investing in its longevity and improved performance just makes sense. What many car owners don’t know is that automotive manufacturers produce most of their vehicles to be a lot more conservative than their true potential performance. They do this for a lot of reasons, but in many cases so that they can pass operating and safety ratings and requirements set forth by law.

If you’re interested in seeing just how well your Volvo can perform, you’re going to need to invest a bit of time and money into it, but with the right Volvo performance parts upgrades and maybe even a mechanic, you can pull it off without a hitch. Below, are a handful of parts upgrades or modifications you should consider for your Volvo.

A word of caution: If you’re going to find Volvo parts online, make sure that you’re purchasing from a trusted online store. You find this by looking for seals on their website, or reviews on other sites like Google, Yelp or Amazon. Also, check the purchasing agreement, warranties, and return policies to ensure that you’re as protected as a consumer should be.

  1. Cold Air Intake

Installing a new air intake system can help to improve your Volvo’s acceleration and fuel-efficiency. This engine part is actually one of the first and simplest parts to upgrade on a Volvo. When installed correctly, the new cold air intake system will allow air to flow into the engine naturally. This in turn gives your engine the ability to take in more cold air when needed. Installing the proper intake parts will ensure that there’s no hesitation when hopping on the highway.

  1. Exhaust Upgrades

Installing exhaust system upgrades to your Volvo along with your cold air intake will also help to further improve acceleration and save you more money on fuel. The new performance exhaust parts will essentially enable your Volvo’s engine to release air more freely for a smoother ride. New exhaust parts could result in a fuel economy improvement of up to 5%.

  1. Strut Bars

If you’re looking for better handling, then you should consider upgrading parts in your Volvo’s suspension system. A great place to start would be upgrading the strut bar. Strut bars are parts in an automobile’s frame that balance the weight and pressure put on the vehicle so that it’s evenly distributed. These suspension parts also help prevent your tires from becoming unstable as you make turns at higher speeds.

  1. Computer Tuning

Most cars today have computer parts in them to help drivers keep track of the vehicle’s real-time performance and emissions. If your Volvo has a computer in it, you can actually have it tuned just like any other auto parts to improve certain components of the engine that will ultimately unlock more horsepower.

  1. Fuel Pump

Upgrading or just replacing your fuel pump is one of the simplest and most logical ways to boost your car’s performance in both efficiency and overall horsepower. Getting fuel into your Volvo’s engine with a performance fuel pump helps the engine run and start smoother. A new pump will be much cleaner, whereas your stock fuel pump can pollute fuel lines with debris and grunge over longtime use. Performance pumps can also move fuel into your engine faster and at a consistent flow, which will boost your horsepower by 5 or even 10 just by having a newer and stronger fuel pump in the engine. All Volvo drivers should consider newer and better fuel pumps for their vehicle, whether they’re looking to improve performance or perhaps just want to add longevity to the vehicle.

Each of these suggested parts upgrades are fairly affordable and simple to install on your Volvo. If you’re not particularly handy under the hood, it’s probably best that you let a certified Volvo mechanic install the performance parts. But remember, to save some money on costs, you can buy the parts yourself from an online retailer and bring them into the mechanic. Lastly, before making a decision to purchase any Volvo performance parts – whether OEM or aftermarket – it may be wise to ask other Volvo-owners about their opinions so that you can make the right modifications and upgrades that will ultimately boost your Volvo’s performance either on the track or even just the road.