Motorcycle Theory and Practical Test

More Things You Should Know

There is no need for apprehension as the CBT training is not a test. It is designed to help you to relax and actually enjoy it, advice which allows you to learn at your best, advice even against your will. There is no pressure as you can progress when you are ready.

Motorcycle Theory & Practical Test
Once your instructor is confident that you are able to safely and competently handle your bike, you will receive your CBT Certificate or DL196 Certificate. You will then be able to train for a full motorcycle licence in any one of the four categories. A provisional moped or motorcycle licence is required to get a licence in any of the categories. A theory & practical test has to be taken with a period of training lasting between 1 to 4 days in between. The theory test is conducted at your nearest DSA test centre and is a multiple choice exam.

There are four different categories of motorcycle licence, in addition to the Accelerated Access.

1. Moped licence. The minimum age required for a moped licence is 17. A moped is a bike that has an engine capacity of less than 50cc and can go up to a maximum speed of 31 mph. Prior to starting your training you have to pass the the theory test and then the practical test is taken at a DSA test centre. Afterwards, you will be able to carry a pillion passenger and ride without L-plates.

2. Light motorcycle licence (A1). You need to be at least 17 years of age to obtain an A1 licence, and will also need to get a provisional licence. Unless you already possess a moped licence you will have to take the theory test. After completing the training, you will need to pass a practical test using a machine with an engine capacity between 75cc and 125cc. You will then be allowed to ride a bike with a capacity of up to 125cc or 11kW, and transport a pillion passenger.

3. Standard motorcycle licence (A2 – restricted). You have to take the restricted licence in order to ride a bike between 120 and 125cc. capacity and able to go up to 100kph. If you are between the ages of 17 and 20 you must have your CBT, then obtain a provisional motorcyle licence and pass the theory test if you have not passed your moped test. After passing the required practical test, you will be allowed to ride a bike without L-plates and carry a passenger. However you will be restricted for two years, to a machine that has a maximum output of 25kW or 33bhp, or with a maximum power-to-weight ratio of 0.16kW/kg. After the two years have passed, you can ride any machine without any further training or tests.

4. Accelerated Access. During the two-year restricted period, if you reach the age of 21 you have the option for Accelerated Access. This allows you the opportunity to take the practical test using a machine with a power output of 35kW or 47bhp. You will not have to wait for the completion of the two years if you are successful, and will be issued a full licence.

5. Direct Access – Unrestricted Category A. Once you are over 21 years of age and have both your CBT and theory test, you will be able to take your practical test using a machine with a 47bhp output. If you are accompanied by a qualified Direct Access instructor, you can practise on a bike of this size, but must always wear fluorescent clothing while riding. After passing this test, you can ride any machine without L-plates and also carry a passenger.

Finally, you will have to take the CBT again if you are not successful in your theory & practical test during the two years after passing your initial CBT. To learn more about Das Training contact us today.