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Enjoy the View And Fashion In Milan With Ferrari

 Enjoy the View And Fashion In Milan With Ferrari

Visiting Milan will be valuable and memorable memories to remember. It is one of the best and great fashion cities among the world. It is true because the northern Italy has great style and fashion. It has been proved by so many famous designers there with famous brand as well. So that, store you will find lots of shops that sell so many famous fashion brand around the world. So, price it is not weird that many people come to Milan and enjoy the shop the fashion there.

However, it is not only fashion brand; you also are able to enjoy the high class dining. Such a complete package, isn’t it? Get the great shopping experience along with high class dining is one of the favorite when having a holiday and enjoy the place. It will be more sophisticated because the architecture of the city is also stylish, the house and the other building is also fashionable. What make it perfect is enjoying the city by driving the prestigious car. Special for that part, you will get Ferrari in Milano. It is a complete and perfect package to have. Enjoying the stylish architecture of the city, shopping the brand fashion from best designer there and also have high class dining plus drive Ferrari to get that.

However, it will be troublesome to get the car from home; therefore supercar rental is the best choice to choose because you will get the prestigious car that you can drive while enjoying the city. So, just take the rent of the great car there, choose car that you want and then just enjoy the view, the fashion, and the feel of the city while driving Ferrari. It will be great experience to have and it will be waste to skip such a huge opportunity and enjoy the visit.

Driving a Car Rental in Bangkok? Here’s Your Quick Guide

Driving a Car Rental in Bangkok

A trip to Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, can be the best thing you can ever do. It is a metropolis that has always been full of life over the last decade and is still a popular destination for various types of travelers including the culture vultures and the party goers.

The city is known for its amazing shrines that are found in various parts of the city. If you want to visit multiple landmarks, booking a car rental in Bangkok can be the first step in order to ensure that your stay here is nothing short of great. Hiring a car in Bangkok is always a good idea no matter if you speak Thai or not because you can conveniently travel to most part of the country without much hassle.

But just like in any other country, you can’t just drive here in the same way as you do in your native land. Take a look at these basic tips on driving a car in this magical city:

Driving License

You can only drive a car rental in Bangkok if you have a valid license from your country. You can do so as long as it’s not an interim one. In most cases, you should be in possession of a permit from your home country that ascertains that you have met international driving standards. In most cases, foreign drivers in Bangkok must have a minimum age of 21 years. Make sure your driving license is written in English and if that is not the case, prepare a translated copy before hiring a car.

Obtaining a Car Rental in Bangkok

One distinct feature of car rental services in Bangkok is that you can either choose to have a driver or be on your own. Being offered a local driver can be a good idea especially when you want to get rid of language barrier issues. The other option is to talk to a company offering car rental in Bangkok and separately search for a tour guide who can also speak Thai. It will be a good idea to experience driving in a foreign land with a local guide and/or driver because this will help give you an enriching, memorable journey.

Road Rules in Bangkok, Thailand

If you must drive right at the heart of the city, remember that Bangkok traffic jam is a common occurrence. The good news is that when touring this place, most tourist sites will be out of the city or are located in other provinces. You can conveniently drive right from the airport to these destinations. Unlike western countries, you will have to drive on the left in Bangkok. You should never forget to fasten your seatbelt as it’s mandatory for the driver and the other passenger next to you.

On major suburban roads, speed limit is between 50 and 60 km/h. On major roads, it can start at 90 km/h but should not exceed 120. Look for road signs to be sure. Third party insurance is a must but if you are well of, a comprehensive one is recommended. Parking fee may start from 20 baht per hour depending on where you are. You can find a lot more interesting car rental information on

The last but not the least is that you can never miss to find petrol station where you can do refueling since they are available along several streets. To add on, you can get further information from car rental in Bangkok provider in case you need any clarification.