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Car shipping

Car shipping

If you are moving for work, stomach hiring a car shipping service or motorcycle shipping service provider is an option available to those who do not want to drive. If the move is to a city or to a province which is not close by to where you currently live, many people are going to choose to hire a car shipping service or motorcycle shipping company to avoid the long drive, and so they do not have to put so many miles on their vehicle. In addition to this, it is typically less costly than the price of fuel, it will not put the wear and tear on your car or bike, and it is a safe way to ensure your vehicle arrives to you in one piece since you are not going to be driving such long distances, and in many cases, on very dangerous roads to your new home.

With many local motorcycle shipping and car shipping service providers, it is a good idea to compare quotes before you hire a company to do the job. Comparing quotes gives you plenty of information about a company. Most importantly, you are going to be able to compare the cost of the transport; so, you are going to find the companies which are most affordable when you are going to ship your car or bike a far distance to a different location. In addition to the savings you will find, you can compare the work the shipping company is going to do. Do they pack, transport, remove and drop off the vehicle?

Are they simply going to load and unload? Or, what other services are included when you hire them to transport your vehicle? When comparing quotes you can also find out if a company will insure the transport services. If so, you can pay an additional fee, but know if something does happen, you are going to be covered for the damage, so you are not going to have to pay these huge fees for repair or other work in the future, in the event something wrong does occur when the transport company is taking your car or your bike to any destination which you are choosing to have it transported to as a customer.

There are many reasons why people choose to transport rather than to drive if they are moving to a new city or new province from where they are currently living. If this is the case, and you do not want to do the driving and transport work on your own, there are a number of companies you can hire to do it for you. But, before you decide on a company, it is important to gather several quotes from top local transport companies. By doing this you are going to save on the total cost of transport. But, it also affords you the opportunity to compare top companies, their reviews, and find those which will insure the move, for your added safety as a customer having your vehicle or bike transported.

What It Takes To Locate A Reliable Mercedes Benz Repair Shop In Downriver MIchigan

No one goes against you when it comes to the stunning beauty of Mercedes Benz. speak for the truth, buy it design says nothing but luxury and beauty. And yes, cialis simply by driving this luxury sedan, it boosts its driver confident. You know what, unlike other luxury cars you may on road like Dodge, Ford and so on, it is not easy to find Mercedes Benz repair in Downriver MIchigan. When it come to the numbers of car repair shops or service centers, it offers you with a huge number. But you must know that, though something like quantity is important, but it is nothing without the addition of quality.

What It Takes To Locate A Reliable Mercedes Benz Repair Shop In Downriver MIchigan

Then, what should you do? Although you it is not recommended for you to treat all of the auto repair shops that you meet in Downriver Michigan in the same way, fear not, here are some solutions to consider anytime you need a repair for Mercedes Benz in Downriver Michigan. There is nothing but high quality service that you expect for this luxury sedan, since you know the best that if you do something wrong and ignore the proper maintenance and repair, it will deteriorate the overall system. And yes, it bring no good to that luxury sedan of yours.

Unless you know the a reliable auto repair shop in Michigan, it is way better if you lean your option to the local dealership. Fortunately, it is not a herculean task to find some. Another consideration to bear in mind, be sure that you will never choose the dealership or auto car repair based solely on its price. Still, it doesn’t mean you need to pay your attention only toward those local dealership or auto dealer shops that offer you with high price.

Simply be aware, if you think that the price for the repair is unreasonably cheap, you must be suspicious. Among other reasons, uncertified mechanics can be the huge reason, why for the service that they do, it requires you to pay less. To hinder this matter, before you hand over your car to a certain auto service center, you better confirm that the mechanics that work there are equipped with ASE certification. If a peculiar auto service center that you choose can’t convince you, it is wiser to move to another option. Indeed, there are not many, but don’t be that worry, you may find one that is able to cater you not only with good facility, but also certified mechanic.

Before you decide to ask professional help related to Mercedes Benz repair or maintenance in Downriver Michigan, find the reason why you need their help? Is it for something like regular service like changing the oil? Is it for something complicated? Say that your reason is the first option, a common auto repair shop can do. You need only to make sure that the mechanics have special knowledge toward Mercedes Benz oil changing which is supported by its parts that are essentials for it.

The Kia Sorento SUV: Review

Buying a large SUV is a big decision and most people will take their time before committing to a vehicle.

The Kia Sorento SUV can seat seven people and it has a practical boot space. The 2.2 diesel engine gives plenty of power and the vehicle offers all wheel drive for comfort and safety. Kia are leaders in giving guarantees and this one has a full seven year/ 100,000 mile warranty which can be transferred to a new owner should you wish to sell.

This warranty will enhance the resale value, an important aspect for many owners. The good looking Sorento is solid, reliable and extremely comfortable especially on long motorway journeys. Kia is breaking out of the budget market and is becoming a leading contender for all types of vehicles.

The Kia Sorento is only available in one engine type in the UK and that is the 2.2 litre diesel. The four wheel drive gives excellent grip on the road and for its size it is quite nippy going from 0-62 mph in only 9.4 seconds with a top speed of 118 mph. Going around corners makes the vehicle roll a little but this is the same as other SUV’s.

Comfort wise, this SUV has a soft suspension and even the roughest roads do not faze it. When at the upper limit the engine can be a little noisy but it works best in the lower rev range so this should not be a problem most of the time.

When cruising on the motorways the engine is quiet and the vehicle makes the journey very pleasant. Safety measures include anti lock brakes, electronic stability control and six airbags. There are also some safety measures that other vehicles do not provide as standard and these are ISOFIX child seat anchor points, traction control, hill start assistance and brake force distribution.

When the seven seats are all being used, the boot space is limited to 116 litres of luggage. This increases to 515 litres with the back seats folded down and 1,530 litres with all seats folded. Leg room is limited and adults can find themselves a little cramped in the rear of the vehicle. The price of all Kia models has increased and they are no longer the cheap option they once were.

However, on the credit side, Kia now includes a range of equipment as standard that other manufacturers offer as extras. The entry level Sorento has alloys, air con, bluetooth connectivity, an iPod connection and cruise control. Running costs are equivalent to other SUV’s and the extras offered make this a very tempting vehicle.

One thing that all owners of discount vehicles have to remember though, including Kia owners, is that the sell on value of a vehicle drops dramatically after purchase. For cars that were sold new at a great price to begin with, this issue can only be exhasibated.

What new Kia Sorento owners can do to help increase the sell-on value of their SUV is to make sure the car is kept in the best possible condition, including having original tailored car mats (such as those sold at Halfords or My Car Mats), a full MOT history and original alloys. More thank likely however is that your new Kia Sorento could turn into your forever car!

Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster: A Quick Look

find serif;”>The Indian automobile market has been seeing a lot of new Compact SUVs such as XUV500, story Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster and so on. Duster when launched had spread a lot of talks and had also seen a lot of sales. However, with a plan against the Duster came in Ford Eco Sport which gained popularity in a small span of time.

Engine and Transmission

The Duster unlike the Ford EcoSport comes with a single petrol and single diesel engine. The diesel engine however comes in two sets of tune – 109bhp and 84bhp. The Duster is smooth and easy to ride and less fussy and there is not even thudding while driving it on the rough Indian roads. Duster has a more rugged and sturdy appearance and looks quite adventurous. Ford EcoSport is powered b a 1.5 litre 16V TDC1 diesel engine with a displacement capacity of 1498 cc churning out a maximum power of 89.75bhp@3750rpm and maximum torque of 204Nm@2000-2750rpm. On the other hand Duster is equipped with 1.5 litre 16V dCi Diesel engine with a displacement capacity of 1461cc. It churns out a power of 108.45bhp@4000rpm and a maximum torque of 245Nm @1750rpm. Ford EcoSport is mated to a 5 speed transmission while Duster is mated to a 6 speed transmission. The ground clearance of the vehicle is 5mm more than that of the EcoSport.

Ford EcoSport

Ride and Mileage

Even the steering management of the Duster is better than Ford EcoSport. However, Since Ford EcoSport is much lighter and bestowed with light steering it is best suited to ride in the city streets. Moreover, mileage produced by Ford EcoSport is more than that of Duster with 15.1 kmpl while Duster gives about 14 kmpl. Both the vehicles are equipped with a good suspension system with Independent Macpherson Strut with Coil Spring and Anti-roll Bar in the front. On the rear the EcoSport is equipped with Semi independent twist beam with twin gas and oil filled shock while the Duster is equipped with torsion beam axle with coil springs and anti roll bar on the rear. Dimensions of the Duster are also longer than that of EcoSport and there is more room for storage purposes.


Interior features of the both the vehicles are decent and are equipped with features such as steering controls, Bluetooth, reversing sensors while multimedia with touchscreen is available on the Duster. Duster though bestowed with the best of features is costlier than the EcoSport. It is almost 2 lakh more than the cost of Ford EcoSport with a price range of Rs. 13 lakhs for the Duster. Safety features are better in EcoSport with 4 airbags (driver, passenger and 2 side airbags), anti-lock braking system and seat belts. On the other hand Duster comes with just basic safety features. It is bestowed with 2 airbags (driver and passenger and other safety features such as power door locks, anti lock braking, brake assist etc. Overall both the vehicles are good in each of their aspects.

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