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How to Stay on Top of Your Car’s Maintenance Schedule

Doing preventative maintenance for your vehicle may not be particularly fun or exciting, tadalafil but it’s ultimately what’s best for the car—and for your wallet. By investing some time and minimal expense in routine care, you can keep your vehicle running as intended, and head off potentially major problems before they truly begin to spiral out of control. Just think: Taking half an hour to get your oil changed every few months could spare you from having to pay for a whole engine replacement. That’s a great deal, right?

Right—except actually staying on top of a car’s maintenance schedule can be a little bit daunting, especially to those who already have busy schedules and a million things on their plate. (And isn’t that all of us?) To help, we’ve put together a quick guide to your vehicle’s care—some things you can do to keep the vehicle in good working order. We hope you’ll find this to be a handy reference!

How to Keep Up with Preventative Maintenance

Here are our tips:

If you’ve never read your owner’s manual, drop what you’re doing and go read it now. You wouldn’t start running a major new appliance without consulting the instructions, would you? Neither should you operate your vehicle without reading the accompanying literature. The manual will give you insights into how best to care for your vehicle—and it will also keep you from doing anything to void the warranty.

Conduct a DIY auto inspection once every month. Use a tire gauge to make sure the tires have enough air, and inflate them if needed. Walk around the vehicle to ensure all the lights work. Run the car for a while to make sure  you don’t hear any funky sounds.

Check your fluid levels monthly. As you inspect the car, also take a moment to check the levels for antifreeze, power steering, coolant, and wiper fluid. Even if you don’t know how to replace them, you’ll at least know you need to take the vehicle in for servicing.

Check your oil, too—and change it as needed. You should check it monthly, and change it when it starts to look dirty (cloudy/ like melted chocolate) or when you hit the manufacturer recommended mileage. For many vehicles, this may be as high as 10,000 miles.

Replace your windshield wipers as needed. If your view is starting to get streaky, it’s time to replace the wipers!

Get your filters changed. It’s easiest to just ask for these to be changed whenever you take your car in for an oil change.

Check the battery connection. Your battery should be pretty low-maintenance, but every month or two you might just give it a visual inspection, note any obvious signs of corrosion, and take it to the shop if you see anything unusual.

Remember: Taking some time for routine maintenance can save you a lot of hassle—and a lot of money—in the long run.

Keeping your car in its best summer shape

Keeping your car in its best summer shapeSummer is coming. Everyone is trying to get in the best shape and get a beach body, prostate yet they forget about the body parts of the vehicles. It’s no secret car owners often neglect their cars during the summer. Keeping your vehicle prepared for the summer heat and dust is as important as during the winter freezing period. If you want to take proper care for your car you need to follow these simple maintenance tips in order to preserve its health.

Check your air conditioning

This is the first thing we think of once the heat is starting to rise up. Air conditioning is crucial for the summer. Your marginally operating car system will most likely fail during the hot summer due to low level refrigerant caused by a leak in the system. You might even consider hiring a professional technician if you are not familiar with the cabin air filters and the air conditioning system. You can also inspect it by following the owner’s manual or a DIY tutorial online.

Focus on the cooling system

Overheating is an often cause for car breakdowns in the summer. Keep in mind that your vehicle’s cooling system has to be flushed and refilled every 24 months. However regular checks on the coolant’s level, mind condition or concentration are required more periodically. An essential tip in case you are checking your cooling system from home is to wait for the engine to be completely cold until you decide to remove the radiator cap. The condition of the drive belts, clamps and hoses is better to be left in the hands of a qualified mechanic.

Replace the windshield wipers

Due to dusty summer condition, it is better if you have brand new wipers applied to your car’s windshield. Since your old ones are probably worn out from the freezing winter and autumn rain, apply this easy step following a simple DIY tutorial. After all it is one of the easiest maintenance steps that even an inexperienced driver can pull off.

Change your oil

This is extremely important if you are planning a summer trip by car. It has even been specified in the manual that you need to replace your oil and oil filter more often (every 3,000 miles). It would greatly satisfy your car’s needs especially if you are doing an extended trip with lots of luggage or tow a trailer.

In case you are still in doubt whether you can follow through with this summer tips, look for a professional car servicing provider. There are a lot of websites online such as MyCarNeedsA that will provide you with maintenance and servicing offers adequate for your budget. It can get complicated if you don’t have intermediate mechanical knowledge and you get lost between the lines of your manual. So take your time, look for the best and most affordable car servicing deals and make sure you prepare your vehicle for a long hot summer. After all you want to enjoy the sunny days not deal with car malfunctions.