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10 Best Steps To Sell Your Car

Are you planning to sell your car? There are diverse steps and platforms to do so where you can get the best value for your used car. Before getting into the selling procedure search out the value and try to maintain your used car as captivating as possible. True bil is one of the leading online portals which sell certified used cars in Mumbai. True bil is here to help with the tools and information for every step of the process. It provides a complete solution to all used car related requirements with services like reasonable car loans, buy cialis paper work, try warranty servicing, price and insurance renewal for used cars for sale in Mumbai

Following are the 10 Best steps to sell your Car:

Step1: Gather Your Car information – The very first step is to start the procedure with the paperwork. The car name, service records and original sales will be mentioned in the documents. Being an owner you may know in and out of your car but in front of your prospective buyers you need to prove them out. You need to collect all the basic car information and rectify before moving a step ahead. If you don’t have any service receipt ask your dealers, regular mechanic or oil changer center to provide a print statement that reviews your visits. This sort of details reassures buyers that a car is in good condition which can help you to get higher price.

Step2: Know your car true conditions – People are mostly in the perception that their car “drives like new” and sparkle like a star, but its value will depends on its actual condition. They need to gather all sorts of information about the car and must do some research work. Overestimating the value of the used second hand cars in Mumbai may lead to unrealistic expectation.  Therefore take the help of dealers or mechanics who can help you to know the condition and crack your deals.

Step3: Decide whether to trade-in or sell yourself – Once you recognize the exact condition of your car, the next step is to decide whether to sell it yourself or trade-in to a dealership. Meanwhile the value of the car differs on which mode you use. If you select the option of dealership the work becomes prompt and convenient. You don’t have to bother about the listing and selling cost. You won’t receive any personal call or emails through the buyers and you have to pay less sale tax on your new car. If you select the option to sell privately then you need to negotiate directly with the buyers. You may get 20-25% more for your car.

Step4: Increase your car resale value – It is possible to reap the reward of higher resale value only when your car is in new condition and body part are absolutely fine.

Step5: Set the asking price of your car – If you have spent thousand in repairing your car body parts the ultimately the value becomes higher.

Step6: Create an online ad that sells – You can create online ads or take the help of online car portals. You can even post your ads in newspaper, classified etc.

Step7: Screen potential buyers – You need to meet the buyers personally and explain the great features and specification.

Step8: Use the test drive to sell – You can use test drive to sell the car because this will prove that your car runs smoothly on road.

Step9: Negotiate the best price for your car – When you are satisfied with all the set procedures then you can negotiate the deals with the potential buyers.

Step10: Complete the sale – If the deal is done make the note on the bill of sale. Ask the buyers to sign it as well and fill all the details before handling the car keys.