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The Top Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle for Your Business

If your business is in need of a vehicle but the accountant claims that it would be tough to buy the vehicle outright, tadalafil then you’re in good company – more and more businesses see the advantages of leasing their vehicles rather than putting good money down for a purchase. Whilst ownership of the vehicle has its perks, nurse it’s often not practical and the advantages often aren’t worth the disadvantages. For many – especially for starting enterprises – leasing a car or van is a much more practical approach to cover transportation needs. Still in doubt? Here are the top benefits for your business of leasing a vehicle.

The heavy decrease in value

As soon as you buy a vehicle, it becomes second-hand – and this will immediately decrease its value, sometimes even up to 30%. In other words, as soon as you purchase the vehicle, you kiss some serious capital goodbye. You don’t have that problem when you lease an automobile; the one you’re leasing it from has that.

the-top-benefits-of-leasing-a-vehicle-for-your-businessFunding is spread

When you purchase a vehicle, you usually have to put down a heavy deposit – and then pay monthly payments. The problem here is that it usually requires a heavy deposit; that’s a huge chunk of capital that is immediately tied up. When leasing a vehicle such as a van, the payments are strictly monthly, which makes it much easier for your cash flow and monthly financial planning.

The brand you want

Your business needs to look good, and you may not be able to afford the vehicle that best represents the values of your business. Cheap vehicles simply don’t project the right image and good quality vans and cars are usually quite expensive to purchase. Even if your budget is tight, your company can still display a suitable image to potential customers by leasing a vehicle (such as one from Vans Direct) that would otherwise be out of budget.

Maintenance is not a problem

Especially when it concerns a fleet of vehicles, there must be a person appointed for daily or weekly maintenance and repairs – and this can be quite costly. Leasing solves that problem; usually there are clauses within the leasing contract that put the owner or leasing company responsible for maintenance and repair.

And perhaps the greatest advantage is that leasing allows you to budget and plan your cash flow in a much better way – the money of the business is not tied up and there is no need to put money aside for repairs or maintenance expenses which you would otherwise incur (without doubt) if the vehicle is purchased. It’s a very efficient way of planning, ensuring transportation is well-maintained and safe and putting out a company image that befits the aspirations of the enterprise. Leasing – it’s the smart thing to do.

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